Shoes are an extremely important part of any cyclists wardrobe.

Just like SEATS there are lots of average shoes out there which may seem ok when first tried on but after a couple of hours show their true colours & begin to provide various forms of discomfort.

What should a good shoe offer?


Specialized shoes offer all these features throughout the entire range so you can be sure that any shoe you purchase is designed to offer the best possible benefits to any rider.

specialized shoesCOMFORT

Specialized shoes are designed with comfort as the main priority. They are a wide fitting shoe which is what most kiwis need with necessary width in the front half of the shoe.

All models feature a longitudinal arch support which is fully customizable with Body Geometry Footbeds. This supports the arch in the correct way for cycling as under load the arch can collapse causing incorrect knee tracking leading to injury.

Correct arch support spreads the load across more of the foot creating a more stable & comfortable platform.
All Body Geometry Footbeds feature a Metatarsal button which is a mildly raised lump placed under the middle Metatarsals which help to spread the Metatarsals & relieve pressure on the nerves & help promote blood flow.
Specialized shoes all feature 1.5mm of Varus tilt built into the soles.

This means that the inside of the sole is 1.5mm thicker than the outside.


Approx 90% of people have a forefoot or front half of their foot which is tilted upwards to some degree. This can cause a variety of issues with cycling (mostly bad).

The Varus tilt is engineered into the sole to help compensate for this natural structure & is proven to help knee alignment & tracking while pedalling.

The combination of arch support , metatarsal button, Varus tilt & sufficient width provide us with a shoe which we can taylor to suit each individual rider.


Because the foot is more supported & stable in a Specialized shoe & knee tracking is better aligned the body can produce more power with less risk of injury. This means you can ride harder for longer! Combine all this with Body Geometry Fit & we have the best possible solution for your feet!

ladies mountain bike shoesADJUSTABILITY

Cleat position is crucial in cycling & Specialized shoes have the cleat fixing holes positioned further back towards the heel which let’s us place cleats in the ideal position to help prevent numb feet & create correct stance width.


Specialized shoes have been at the forefront of the cycling industry for over a decade. Other brands are now trying to build features into their shoes which replicate what Specialized have been doing for a long time which is a huge compliment in our industry.

There have been numerous studies proving that correct arch support & knee alignment reduces the chance of injury & can improve power & endurance especially when combined with Body Geometry Fit. We have performed hundreds of Body Geometry Fits at Kaimai Cycles & have resolved many many knee pain issues by using Specialized shoes & Body Geometry footbeds.


There are also a lot of top professional cyclists both road & mountain bikers who choose to buy Specialized shoes over the brand they are sponsored by. The fact that these athletes are willing to spend their own money on these shoes tells us a lot about how good Specialized shoes must be!