Why you should shop with Kaimai Cycles!

Unlike most other websites we are not going to try & tell you that we are the cheapest or have the most bikes etc. In fact if all you care about is price then the chances are you are looking at the wrong website.

So what makes us any different to all the other bike shops out there?

  • Well we actually DO care about the experience you have when you deal with us!
  • We will NOT recommend a bike which is not suitable for you, meaning it will be the correct size & style.
  • We will work with you to find the correct seat, shoes & position etc whether the bike is $500 or $15000.
  • We don’t care if you are a nervous beginner or world class athlete, why should anyone be treated differently?
  • We want you to enjoy cycling & come back to see us a few more times & hopefully recommend us to friends & family.


Our Service.

Whether it is Leigh in Sales or Paul in the Workshop, we endeavour to give you the Customer the best possible experience & this is available to any cyclist no matter what age, ability or bike they ride. 

We are cyclists!

Whether you ride Road, Track, MTB, Touring, E-bikes or Trails you can rely on being able to talk to someone with the same interest & experience as yourself.
You will get HONEST advice which may differ from others sources but as stated previously we will not recommend a product just to sell it. The product needs to be of benefit to you. kaimai cycles